Pedro Küster

Filmmaker / FACT Magazine


I’m a filmmaker and video and audio production company founder based in London, I have worked almost exclusively in documenting music, visual art and live performance.

I work full-time at FACT Magazine, outside of that time I am looking to expand my work to include more political and factual documentary filmmaking. Most of my work so far has been done under Infinite Ear, a production company I founded in London in early 2014 after finishing university and leaving my long-term job at music institution Roundhouse.

Since then I have been lucky enough to work with organisations such as BBC (including joining their Pitch platform in 2018), Harvey Goldsmith, Shangri-La Glastonbury, Block9, Roundhouse, The Vinyl Factory, FACT TV, R&S Records, Continental Drifts and Acid Jazz Records and directors & photographers such as Terry Gilliam, David Bailey and Dean Chalkley in the action-packed five years of running this company.

In April 2018, I decided to sell Infinite Ear in order to move to Australia and since returning to London in 2019, I have joined electronic music and art magazine FACT full-time, which is now my main focus.


As a consequence of running a video and audio production company for the last five years and overseeing most projects at Infinite Ear, I have experience in a range of departments; however, filmmaking and audio production are the areas I am most passionate about. I offer the following services, with my strengths being in direction, video & film editing and camera operation:

– Direction
– Camera Operation
– Editing
– Colour Grading
– Production
– Audio engineer and mixing

Please get in touch to discuss any ideas and projects you may have in mind in which I could be part of or suitable for. I am always on the lookout for innovative and forward-thinking projects to collaborate on.

You can find my contact details through my contact page.


I was born in Brazil, moved to London whilst still a kid and then moved around the world with my parents before settling for London to live most of my life. There I was a musician in bands and DJ in my teenage years, studied music production and business at University of Westminster and Community Music, attended and worked at Roundhouse and Community Music for most of that time. I later founded Infinite Ear after finishing university and moving on from my long-term job to try freelancing via running my own video and audio production company.

I got into filmmaking after taking part in the Bloomberg Broadcast Programme at Roundhouse once I finished university and spending a month at Glastonbury Festival filming at Shangri-La straight after. Through this programme, I got to film a number of live performances at the venue and fell in love with documenting live performance in music, circus and theatre. After finishing this course I set up Infinite Ear.

Harry Beach (compressed)


Clients I have worked with either with Infinite Ear or as a hired gun include BBC, Harvey Goldsmith, Block9, Shangri-La Glastonbury, Roundhouse, The Vinyl Factory, FACT Magazine, R&S Records, Continental Drifts, Acid Jazz Records and directors & photographers such as Terry Gilliam, David Bailey and Dean Chalkley.


Having lead productions from pre-production to delivery and worked as a team member on productions from 1 to 25 team members, I am flexible and can adapt to different roles within a production.